I would prattle on about how fast November has gone if it weren't for the fact I keep spelling November, nov-em-ember. Honestly, numerous emails this month, spellcheck has now added this word to my dictionary. 
If you get an email from me stating this , you are now invited to join  the exclusive nov-members only club. 

But yeah, guess who's been a busy bee lately? *points at self* 

I hope you were all aware of shopping centre, Westfield's 5th birthday. Well to celebrate, Vogue held a pop-up club. And my work was invited to attend. 
Gold was the theme of the night, gold invites, gold decor and sipping gold vodka.

Here is my night in some snaps:

Look Ma I'm on TV! 

Grace Jones Performance! 

| Biker front zip shirt The Kooples | Leather Skirt All Saints | Mulberry Lily Bag Mulberry


I've recently experiencing (noun:) neverendingmoney-itus. 
Symptoms include: spending large amounts of money, and being pleasantly surprised to find yet more money in your bank account. 
Hey, i'm not complaining!
However I have spent an unholy amount in American Apparel in the last few days... 

|American Apparel Large Oversized Clutch: £48|
After 'uming' and 'ahhing' i finally got it, the amazing clutch from AA, and it LOOoVee it! Definitely worth the splurge. 

| Asos 8 Plain Band Rings, Various sizes:£8 |
I had a lot of you asking about these rings when they featured in a recent post.
Perfect for any fan of the 'minimal' style, these rings come in all different sizes and look so great layered.

| Zara Leather Shorts: £29.99 |
If you haven't check out the new Zara collection- DON'T DO IT! Everything is so amazing! Save yourself while you caaaaan. *dramatic hand gesture*

| Skull Candle - Ebay £10(ish, with P&P) |
Meet Skully, who has now taken habitat on my windowsill. 
I don't plan on burning him, ever.

| American Apparel Collared Shirt: £34 |

| Cute Topshop Boutique Scallop Shorts: Ebay £17 |

| The most amazing book ever, a.k.a: The Rookie Yearbook: Amazon £14 |

| Funky patterned shirt: £18 Just this guy from the 70s wardrobe (i wish) Zara |

| American Apparel Polo Neck Top: £28 |

| Yoko Ono tshirt: £8 Zara |

Lastly, I bought a ton of underwear, but it's not really acceptable to post your granny pannies on the net is it? 

*Also have a picture of a totally badass octopus, haahah. 

Till later guys! 


So I vlogged! duh! I went to Oxford Street, by myself and filmed my day. 
Holding a camera and filming was surprisingly fun, despite some strange looks from people in Urban Outfitters (hence the filming of the floor) I fitted in just like a tourist.
I got some V cool bits, that I will share with you guyz very soon. (Sneak peak in the video!)
But in the mean time you should check out my video ^^, and I think I'm going to make some more in the future? eh..yeah? 
So let me know what you think! 

But also here are some snaps from the past few weeks.. and none of snow! I promise!
Moi Outfit

Goodbye Payslip!

AA| Don't forget your oyster Zo! 
UH-MAZING new shirt!
Just what i needed - more rings! 

Till  Later Guys

Zoe xo